2018 Mission

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So, I received this card from my 2nd job Wilson Dental. In it was 2 Starbucks gift cards valued at $40. I was able to sell it and raised $40 to help poor kids go to school. It’s really nice to work at a place where your boss and co-worker supports your passion. So, just want to say thank you#smileforwilsondental 

Hôm qua co Hàng đến làm tóc mà còn
tặng $200 cho con để giúp trẻ em nghèo ở Việt Nam. ❤️ Con cam on Cô Hằng Anh Hang Huynh nhieu.

Before and after color, cut and hair extension for my beautiful auntie. Thank you co Hang for donating $200 to my mission trip to help Mai Am Phan Sinh.