Building Bridges

The most serious consequence is that local residents are suffering very low living standards. Therefore, building bridges in rural areas is an efficient strategy to improve community development, which will contribute to upgrading rural residents’ life quality and children’s safety.


Houses of hope

In rural areas, many residents lack adequate sanitation and do not have access to clean water. Better Futures for Kids Foundation works with local governments to identify families in need of housing.


Sponsorship for ethnic children

This project is an opportunity to give our support directly to the ethnic children in Vietnam. We may visit their homes to understand their circumstances and get to know the families and to ensure that the children’s situations are improving. 


Food support in remote areas

Our group is trying our best to be able to support food as far as possible to help more and more people overcome the lacking of food difficulty. After this launching this project, we hope that the number of people facing poverty stricken is decreasing even in small number.


Help children go to school

Understanding the difficulties and the desire to have just a bicycle, we launch this project in order to make their dreams come true and give their children more opportunity to get to school. We hope that through this project, more and more children can go to school so that they can change their life from now.


Support for other nonprofit organizations

Through this project, Better Fund For Kids organization intend to support for people who meets special difficulties in life. We are going to provide them more food, more water, more essential things during daily activities such as clothes, personal stuffs and others.