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Better Futures For Kids Foundation is a registered charitable organization based in Ontario, Canada, as of February 15 2019.

We strive to raise awareness of global human trafficking and child sex slavery, nurture better chances at lives for underprivileged children in Vietnam, and bring your contributions toward prevention and rehabilitation against this heinous crime.

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How You Could Help

Even the smallest amounts of your financial support go a longest way.

Your donations will be a child’s meal, healthcare, education and future.

Hover over the following to see how we convert your donations to bettering futures for kids:

$5 / day

Gives a child three full meals a day, 

far more than she normally gets

$30 / month

Provides a child with basic necessities, 

such as clothing, shoes, tampon, etc.: 

luxuries in her life

$250 / year

Provides a child with one year of education, including:

Pre-K tuition

Books & supplies


To have a basic education and

have a chance at a better life

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Our Affiliates

Ao Dai Canada

A Toronto-based non-profit organization that focuses on empowering women to be uniquely strong and beautiful, while raising funds in support of less fortunate populations in Vietnam's remote villages, children at risk in third world countries and raising awareness against human trafficking.

St. Gabriel Band

Help kids to develop talents, piano skills, social skills, disciplines, cooperation and generosity; 

Fun indoor / outdoor activities & exercise for kids.

One Body Village Canada

We envision a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation for all children.