Dear Our Valued Donors and Supporters,

Better Futures For Kids Foundation is a registered charitable organization based in Ontario, Canada, as of February 15 2019.

We strive to raise awareness of global human trafficking and child sex slavery, nurture better chances at lives for underprivileged children in Vietnam, and bring your contributions toward prevention and rehabiliation against this heinous crime. Your support goes toward:


100% of your contributions go toward establishing a more viable future for the children: bare necessities and education. Without grocery, families fall prone to empty promises of human traffickers in exchange for quick cash to get through the day. Without education, the children and families are at long term disadvantages in life and could never leave the poverty cycle.


We work closely with anti-abuse and anti-human-trafficking organizations such as One Body Village to help human trafficking survivors re-assimilate to society. 

By joining our journey, you are extending your helping hand to those in need who are half the globe away from you but always remember of you and your big heart, who most likely would not understand your motives for helping them but always keep you in their prayers, who would have no mean to pay you back but will pay it forward by getting through school, make their own living and help those in need.

Together, we can create opportunities for children at risk!

-Better Futures For Kids Foundation

Charity Number: 789926516RR0001

Registered Charitable Organization, Ontario, Canada

Kelly was born in Vietnam and grew up in a refugee camp in Malaysia, Kelly was just 5 years old when she came to Canada. On her first trip back to Vietnam in 2008, Kelly was shocked and saddened to witness the extent of child poverty, including children victimized by the sex and trafficking trade, some as young as 47 months old. Realizing how lucky she was to have the opportunity to grow up in a great country like Canada, she felt she must help less fortunate children like those she had met. This led her to set her first mission for her next trip to Vietnam the following year. With funds she and her team had raised from charitable donations, Kelly was able to complete the mission she had set for herself and help many children living in poverty. Since then, she has been traveling back to Vietnam every year to help children in need. The children that she has met on these trips have touched her heart, thus empowered and motivated her to do more. Kelly always believes that giving back is as good for her as it is for those she is helping, because giving gives her purpose. Kelly believes the best way to help a kid out of poverty is to make educational opportunities available to the underprivileged children through that, the children can have a safer and better future for themselves and their community. After 9 years of doing her charity passion and have met other passionate people on her journeys, Better Futures For Kids Foundation was born, built by enthusiastic and caring individuals who share a common goal of building a brighter future for children globally.

Teresa Thuy Le currently owns and manages properties in three countries which included Vietnam, Canada, and the USA. Teresa been in the real estate industry for over 15 years and has extensive experience in all areas of real estate including purchasing/sales, marketing, foreclosures and undervalued properties using her unique talents for a positive result. Teresa oversees the acquisition, stabilization, and refinance of the individual properties. She currently focused on the investor relations along with joint venture relationships for the purchase of a long-term real estate. With her positive work ethics, high spirit, integrity and persistent attention to detail, she now has successfully managed properties around the world under her guidance and leadership. In her spare time, she acts as Vice-President of Better Futures For Kids Foundation to raise money building school and clean water wells for unprivileged and poor children in Vietnam.

Helping others is a nice thing to do. While helping others, you also help yourself become a better person. I Joined BFFK because we all share a same goal: Helping poor children have a better & brighter life / future.

At the young age of 4 in 1975, living in under-developed and war torn Cambodia and Vietnam, Keith Ta struggled with having basic life necessities. Fortunately for him, he had an opportunity at a better future. Now, having a better life, he would like to give back to other less fortunate children. Keith has volunteered at various charitable events and for different causes, but his ultimate goal is to build a school where underprivileged children can have a free education and a solid foundation for a better and brighter future. He envisions a future where both the elderly are not forgotten and abandoned, and the young can be educated for free and no longer have to live in poverty. This is why Keith has joined the “Better futures for kids foundation.

As a father of two adult children who were born and raised in Canada, I am grateful every day to be living in a country that provides the resources necessary for children to thrive. When my kids were young, our family committed our support to a foster child in Rwanda until she reached adulthood, and we were pleased to be in a position to help a less fortunate child in this way. Through Better Futures for Kids I want to continue in a significant way to help create opportunities for children in high-risk situations. Taking on the position of a Board Director will help me make a difference to many more children in the years to come that I would not be able to achieve any other way. BFFK’s mandate, “to directly affect the ability of children to succeed in their lives,” is what has drawn me to this organization.
Rob Stonehouse is an information security consultant working in Toronto helping security technology and risk management startup companies bring their products to the Canadian and US markets. In addition, he assists large corporate organizations to meet technology, compliance and regulatory obligations.

My name is Khoa Vu and I am an accountant. I have been on the receiving end of all the blessings and advantages not all third-world countries kid could ever enjoy: growing up without fear or lack of food and clothing, learning in an international post-secondary environment, and securing an out-of-college job that I consider my long-term career. I therefore would like to start giving a hand in alleviating the sufferings and inadequacy of basic means among the unfortunate children. My wish is for the children that we have the chance to help to have the means to grow up and become a successful human being, who then will remember to keep carrying the torch to help fuel the livelihood, hope and success for those behind. This is why I join Better Futures for Kids Foundation.

Five years ago, Hoang Anh had the opportunity to volunteer for one of the awareness nights of One Body Village, a non-profit organization that rescues children, who were forced into sex slavery in brothels, and provides them a safe home. She was told stories of many poor girls who were too young to understand life, yet were so unfortunate to be victims of inhumane child sex exploitation, and trafficking. Hoang Anh couldn’t forget the innocent faces and she started to do something about it. Hoping that her efforts and dedication would bring change to those hellish lives she became involved in One Body Village’s fund raising events. She has also volunteered with various charitable groups to help children and elderly. Hoang Anh joined Better Futures for Kids with one hope: That more children can go to school and live better lives.

Nearly half of the world’s population, more than 3 billion people, live in poverty, defined as people who live on less than $2.50 USD a day. Of those 3 billion, 1.3 billion lives in extreme poverty, defined as those living on less than $1.90 USD a day, and the sad truth is, children bears the brunt of that poverty. Nearly 385 million, or 19.5% of the world’s children live in extreme poverty. For children, poverty is not just a matter of low income, its affects have a much more far-reaching impact on children. Children experience poverty not only through a lack of things, but as a world that is damaging to their minds, hearts, emotional and spiritual well-being.
I’m a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam. My Mom and I left Vietnam when I was 7 as one of the many thousands of Vietnamese people termed as “boat people” who risked their lives to escape the poverty of Vietnam at that time for a chance at a better life in the U.S. My Mom and I was lucky enough to have completed our trip, and I was doubly lucky to have received the financial and more importantly, the emotional support to lead me to the blessed life that I have today.This blessed life has also led me to many corners of the world, some incredibly beautiful, others, heartbreakingly sad, where children barely have shirts on their bodies and shoes on their feet, and still others, where both environment exists side by side, within arm’s reach of each other’s. It is through seeing these contrasts, coupled with my own experiences of poverty and those helping me, that I can’t help but wonder how such different worlds can exists side by side, yet those with the means to help, does not.
It is said that change starts with one step, one person. I am not that person. Throughout history, thousands, millions of people have reached out and lend a hand to those in needs. I’m simply following in their admirable footsteps with the hope of alleviating just a little of the suffering that I have seen. I have worked with and volunteered for multiple non-profit organizations in the past. My primary focus, however, have been on children, for they are the most vulnerable among us. I believe that to be human, is to be part of a larger family. We live in an interdependent world where we’re all dependent on each other. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the bed we sleep on are brought to us by thousands of people that we’ve never met and thought about. As such, humanity is a family, a house, and the foundation of that house is our children. Our future, as humanity, can be great. But that greatness is wholly dependent on our children. However, until they are strong enough to lead us, it is our responsibility to protect, nurture, and educate them, all of them. The fact that hundreds of millions of our children live in an environment where there is a lack of food, emotional support, basic education, and even more gruesome, some are being abused is, for me, a moral failure by humanity.

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