Viet Summer Festival 2018

On September 15, we have a balloon / kids game booth charity fundraising at the Viet Summer Fest to help poor children have a chance to education and a better future. 

Our annual Viet Summer Fest 2018 was filled with lovely memories. All of the volunteers got there at 12pm to help setup. It was like plus 35 degrees. They sweat, they were tired, their feet was burning. They worked hard. They made balloons, they performed a group dance “Bo Oi Minh Di Dau”. A song that talks about the love between a father and his children.

They did all of the things that they are not used to. But they didn’t do it for themselves. They did because they want to raise awareness against human trafficking and child sex slavery. They wanted to help those children that are in need. They did it for the greater good and that’s what makes them so wonderful. These are students from Sunday’s piano class. As well as our BFFK volunteers. They learn teamwork and leadership yesterday.

Thank you to all volunteers who work tirelessly over 8 hours. we couldn’t have done it without you. are proud to create a safety and fun environment for all ages. We welcome any new members. Your community hours and what preference can be provided.

Special thanks to our fundraising coordinator Hoang Anh, she was sick for weeks but still devoted her time to volunteer, and our technical handyman Nhat Phung.

Most importantly, thank you to all of our volunteers that work tirelessly, our supporters/donors, our beautiful balloons team Binh, Maggie Le and Kelly Lien Nhi. It was another wonderful memories we had together at Viet Summer Fest charity fundraising 2018. ❤️ 

— at Mississauga Celebration Square 

300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1)


– Better Futures For Kids Foundation